Tuesday, October 03, 2006



6 thin discs of güllaç (6 yaprak güllaç)

3 glasses of fresh milk
1 glass of sugar
half a glass of crushed walnut (or more...up to u)

-Mix the milk n sugar in a pan.
-Boil it till it is hot but not to a boiling point
-Take the thin discs of güllaç n dip them into the milk to soften it up.
-Put the softened güllac on a service plate.
-Continue the steps in layers for the 3 thin discs
-Spread the crushed walnut evenly on the 3 softened layers already laid on the service place
-Continue the process with the other 3 güllac layers..
-Decorate the top of the güllaç with walnut, pistachio, almond...anything u want..
-If the thin discs of the güllaç r not softened enough, u may cheat by pouring a bit of the hot milk on top of the unsoftened layers..just make the layers soft..that is the idea..
- Served cold

P.s Güllaç round discs r actually made of rice...made into very thin round discs that to soften it is easy... it absorves the milk...This picture is not the one i snapped..due to the absence of halil's hp (it is dead)..we will have to make do with scanned pictures..
Happy trying!! :0)


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